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Now that everybody's loading up on Vitamin C and E for their proven antioxidant effects, studies show that the best antioxidant dosages are not necessarily in pill-form. Eating your 10 servings a day of fruits and veggies (remember what Mom and Grandma used to harp on?) could be the best way to increase antioxidant capacity. Although all fruits and veggies have them, the best foods for antioxidants are cauliflower, peas and oranges. Amer. Journal Clinical Nutrition, 1998.

New Sugar Substitute Approved by FDA:
More sucralose-sweetened products are becoming available on grocery-store shelves since last year's approval by The Food and Drug Administration of Splenda (sucralose) the latest sugar substitute to be approved in more than a decade. Advantages claimed over other sugar substitutes are no bitter aftertaste and sweetness retention when used in cooking.

Steer Clear of Old Myths about Foods:

Myth: Asparagus is a diuretic.

Truth: Asparagus is not a diuretic. It just creates an odor during urination.

Myth: Potatoes and bread make you fat.

Truth: Both are healthy carbohydrates that average about 100 calories and are low in fat. It's what you add to both that increases fat. (i.e. butter, sour cream, mayonnaise)

Myth: Eating after 6 p.m. makes you gain weight.

Truth: Eating at night tends to lead to consuming higher calories because you are home, near the T.V. (did you ever notice what most of the commercials feature?) near the refrigerator and relaxed. Or you are eating out at a party or in a restaurant where you tend to eat higher fat and calories and larger portions. Calories are the same at any hour of the day.

Myth: Drinking lots of water makes you retain fluid.
Truth: Water acts as a natural diuretic. It will help flush out your system of toxins.


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