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Khairpur (khir´poor) is the twelfth largest city in the province of Sindh in southeast Pakistan. It is the capital of the modern Khairpur District and was the capital of the former princely state of Khayrpur.
Khairpur Mirs, A Golden City famous for Dates (Khajoor), Plolitics and Ilm-e-Adab (Education and Literatures. This City produced hundereds of Great Leaders folk singers,artits and Scholars for the Country. Mohammed Alim Zaidi, Mohammed Sadiq Naqvi (Ghairat Naqvi),Dr Tanveer abbasi, Amar Fayaz Buriro (a well known in mystic philosophy and music composing) Amjad durani, Sarmad sindhi,hizbullah somooro,khadim kalhoro, anwar pardesi, ameer gul katohar, jan mohmmad katohar are the most famous Scholars and Poets among them.
At the 1998 census, the population of the city of Khairpur was 102,188 having increased from 61,447 at the 1981 census. The city has an estimated population of 127,857 in 2006.
Khairpur trades in wheat, cotton, and dates and is linked by road and rail to Karachi. Manufactures include refined sugar. Prior to the annexation of the state in to Pakistan in 1955, Khairpur was an industrially much more advanced than Pakistan producing leather goods, carpets, silk clothing, matches, soap, shoes, cigarettes to name a few. It also had the largest factories in textiles, tobacco redrying, and silk weaving in the sub-continent.
It has some fine historic buildings, notably the Faiz Mahal, Kot Diji Fort, and the Shrine of the sufi saint Sachal, Badash sultan,Shadi shaheed.


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