Promoting Ayurveda Kerala model

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Promoting Ayurveda   Kerala model Empty Promoting Ayurveda Kerala model

Post  Pattis on Thu Jan 05, 2012 3:53 am

Ayurveda has been here since ages. But with the emergence of allopathy during the early 19th century, Ayurveda was marginalised and tagged as an `alternative medicine' even in the land where it was born. Kerala, which was home to many renowned Ayurvedic practitioners too witnessed a newly born enthusiasm towards allopathic treatment. It was at this juncture, when everybody was sceptical about the future of Ayurveda, that the government has taken many measures to revive it. Eminent practitioners of the Ayurvedic medicine in Kerala contributed to the efforts to retain the popularity and credibility of this traditional healthcare system.

Among the various measures, the most successful initiative was nothing but the decision to highlight Ayurveda as part of the tourism activities. This measure yielded good results with a huge chunk of the tourists expressing their interest to undergo Ayurvedic therapies. Thus, kerala ayurveda tourism helped in the revival of the traditional system of medicine. The interests shown by the tourists was later passed on to the local people and they too began to enjoy the Ayurveda experience in spas and Ayurvedic resorts.

Inspired by the success of a model like Kerala Ayurveda Tourism, many other states in India came up with projects which incorporates Ayurveda with tourism and they all find it a good way to promote our traditional healthcare sector.


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