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Myths about piles Empty Myths about piles

Post  Tredrea on Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:06 am

People, even educated ones, are embarrassed to talk about some diseases that affect our private body parts and piles or haemorrhoids is one among them. But there is nothing embarrassing about the disease which is very common in adults in India.

Piles is actually the swelling and bleeding of the vascular cushions within the anus and lower rectum of the human body and there are various treatments available for the disease among which piles ayurvedic treatment seems to be very effective.

There are many myths associated with the disease and one of them is that only the elderly will be affected by piles. But there are many young people in the country affected by the disease, thus proving the argument invalid. (Yet, it is true that the older you become, the more you will be vulnerable to the disease.)

Another myth about the disease is that it will always bleed, which is again not true. Though the symptom of bleeding can be seen in many, it cannot be generalised. Some patients have never experienced such a symptom; all they felt was the presence of small masses on the anal canal.Experts also disagree with the common beliefs such as sitting on a dirty toilet seat, or cold floor will increase the risk of getting piles.


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