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Mansehra city is located at 34°20'N 73°12'ECoordinates: 34°20'N 73°12'E in Mansehra District, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan. It is very near to Abbottabad city. It is a major stop for tourists on the Karakoram Highway which leads to China. It is also a major transit point to the northern areas and locations such as the Kaghan Valley, Naran, Shogran, Lake Saiful Mulook and Babusar Top.
Mansehra and surrounding areas have a very old history going back thousands of years, the area has been under the rule of Alexander the Great, King Ashoka, and the Turks and British empires. The Turks ruled here for three hundred year, the First Turk ruler who came here in the early part of sixteenth century was Sultan Shahabuddin a great grandson of Amir Taimur. He established his kingdom and named it "Pakhli Sarkar" with its capital at Guli Bagh Mansehra. The last Turk ruler was sultan Mehmud Khurd, he had prepared his own grave but he died in Delhi and could not be buried in the grave he had prepared. This is very precious national monument/heritage but stolen recently by some thieves in Mansehra. Mansehara police recovered it but is still lying in premises of Mansehra Police station. The descendents of these Turks are now living in various parts of Hazara. Prominent among them are Turks (Rajas) of Behali village. A notable relic are the Mansehra rock edicts.
Mansehra is located in a province with a literacy rate of 35.41%. In comparison, Pakistan as a whole has literacy rate of 43.92%, while Islamabad leads the nation with a 72.4% literacy rate[3]. Hindko, a dialect of Urdu, is the predominantely spoken first language, but Pashto is also spoken by a large number of people.
The city of Mansehra is administratively divided into four Union Councils these are[4]:
" Mansehra City No 1
" Mansehra City No 2
" Mansehra City No 3
" Mansehra(Rural)

Each union council is divided into Mohallas. Prominent Mohallas are:
" Mohallah Noghazi
" Mohallah Jabri
" Upper Channi
" Lower Channi
" Basti/Mohallah SherAfzal Khan
" Chickrialli
" Dab No1
" Dab No2
" Dandi Mohallah
" Khanbahadar
" Lohar Baanda
" Muftiabad
" Mohallah Narri
" Sainabad.
" C & w Colney

Surrounding villages
The rural area surrounding Mansehra city consists of chains of villages that include:
" Chitta Batta
" Pakhwal
" Furrukhabad
" Aurangabad
" Behali
" Karer
" Jankiary
" Shargarh
" Khun Tanol
" Doganwab
" Kharyala
" Dhangri
" Hajiabad
" Jaloo
" Labourkot
" Ogra
" Potha
" Thakra
" Ghazikot Township Mansehra
" Sufaida
" Hado Bandi
" Maira Amjed Ali
Two main roads lead all the way in to the city, Shinkiari road and Kashmir road. The Karakoram Highway is just outside the city limits of Mansehra. Ghazikot Township is a housing colony just outside the city and is famous for its natural beauty.
Mansehra is a rural city that is known for its raw natural beauty and temperate climate. Unfortunately, when it comes to education, Mansehra is located in a province with a literacy rate of 35.41%In comparison, Pakistan as a whole has literacy rate of 43.92%, while Islamabad leads the nation with a 72.4%[ literacy rate. The First primary school in the district was established in 1872 in the village Behali. Recently there have been schools that are trying to raising the educational standards of the city. Some of these schools came into existence due to international funding, while most are privately owned. These schools include:
" Sky International School & College, which was founded in 2004.
" Hazara Convent School, Akbar Khan Road, Mansehra.
" MCPS,Mansehra City Public School.
" MIPS, Mansehra International Public School, it has two college campuses.
" The Pakistan Scout Cadet College was established in 1996 in Batrasi, Mansehra (PSCC).
" University of Hazara is an HEC recognized University
" Tameer-i-Nau Public School Mansehra
" Mansehra Public School(MPS)
" Al Quran Public School
" Iqra Collegiate School
" Islamia Public High School
Apart from these schools, Mansehra is also home to one of the rpominent universities in Pakistan, The Hazara University.
The main tribes living in mansehra are Swati, and ,Gujjar(also called sardar Qureshi, Tanoli,Awan and Syed. There are some other tribes which are living in mansehra but they are small in number they include Lodhies and turks. Gillani, Tirmizi,Jilani, from the Syed tribe, Awan are decends of hazarat ali, Khan Khel are from the Swati tribe and Turks living in Behali who were the first ruler of this region. Gillani Syeds came here from (gillan) located in Iraq They are the decends of Hazarat AbdulQadar Jillani Who are the Famous wali of Allah. Tarmizi Syed came here from Swat and are the descendants of Pir Baba Swat, while they originally migrated from Iran to Pakistan. In Mansehra District there is also another tribe called Gujar who speak Gojriand are large in population. Advocate of Village Mangloor was a renowned laywer and a student leader of Independence Movement; when Quaid-e-Azam visited Islamia College Peshawar, he presented Him the donation money collected for Independence Movement.
Mansehra is also home to a large number of foreign non profit groups, being a gateway to the Kaghan Valley the town has served as a jump off point for groups wishing to provide support after the 2005 Pakistan Earthquake. These groups now own virtually all of the guesthouses and many of the larger buildings in the town, with previous owners mostly having relocated to Islamabad after the quake.


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