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Thatta or Thatto is an historic town of 22,000 inhabitants in the Sindh province of Pakistan, near Lake Keenjhar, the largest freshwater lake in the country. Thatta's major monuments are listed among the World Heritage Sites. Due to its proximity to the huge port of Karachi, the picturesque old town is frequented by visitors, especially on weekends.
The city, formerly commanding the delta of the Indus, was the capital of Lower Sindh from the 14th century. During the ruling period of Soomro Tribe Thatta was the capital of Sindh for 95 years. Between 1592-1739, it was governed in the name of the Mughal emperors of Delhi. In 1739 however following the Battle of Karnal the province was ceded to Nadir Shah of Persia, after which Thatta fell into neglect.
Thatta's monuments include the Jama Mosque (also Shahjehani Mosque and Badshahi Mosque), built by Shah Jahan in 1647-49 and lined with glazed tiles. This edifice has 101 domes and is designed in such a way that imam's voice can reach every corner of this building without the help of any loudspeaker or other device.
There are also the tombs of Jam Nizamuddin, Satihoo Seven Soomro Sisters (reigned in 1461-1509), several Tarkhan rulers and Mughal officials. A vast old necropolis with thousands of graves may be found at the nearby Makli Hills.
Famous Personalities of Thatta District
" Sardar M Usman Soomro
" Mohammad Khan Soomro
" Sardar Mohammad Ali Soomro
" Dr. Abdul Wahid Soomro
" Abdul Hameed Soomro
" Sanaullah Soomro
" Honourable Sir Syed Miran Mohammad Shah
" Sayed Bashir Ahmed Shah
" Sayed Akhtar Husain Shah
" Sayed Azhar Ahmed Shah
" Dr.Arbab Wazir Memon
" Babu Ghulam Hussain Memon
" Abdul Latif Memon
" Abdul Majeed Memon
" Abdul Jaleel Memon
" Ejaz Ali Shah Sheerazi
" Shafqat Hussain Shah Sheerazi
" Shah Hussain Shah Sheerazi
" Ayaz Ali Shah Sheerazi
" Riaz Hussain Shah Sheerazi
" Manzoor Hussain Shah Sheerazi
" Ali Raza Shah Sheerazi
" Karim Dino Shah Sheerazi
" Ghulam Qadir Palijo
" Hamzo Palijo
" Rasool Bux Palijo
" Sassui Palijo
" Sarmad Palijo
" Sahib Dino Gah
" Mamoon Khan Malkani
" Ghulam Qadir Malkani
" Mohammad Ali Malkani
" Haji Usman Malkani
" Ghulam Qadir Chandio
" Rais Iqbal Khan Chandio


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